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Drama Acoustics

Severa and Gal Gjurin

In the festive month of December and in February we are happy to present a concert by the siblings Severa and Gal Gjurin who will be performing unplugged especially for the occasion. Undoubtedly, this will be a one-off evening, marked by lyricism of their original music. They will perform as a duo ̶ two voices, two guitars. The intimacy of minimalism will be complemented by the band sound and the sound of a chamber string orchestra (Laura Bartelj, Aleksander Rogina, Luka Dukarić, Valentin Rogina).

Severa and Gal have been working together since their teen years. They have built successful solo careers which often cross and complement. Over the last ten years, Severa has worked as a fine artist and teacher, while playing many concerts, producing songs and records, and participating in various projects. Gal, a singer, song writer and composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, author, has released more than ten albums and played many packed concert halls for the last eighteen years. Their commitment and dedication to music, alongside with powerful lyrics of their songs, have left an indelible mark on contemporary music scene.