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Drama Acoustics

Saša Tabaković, Songs from the Other Bank

Having successfully presented Bosnian (sevdah), Serbian, Romani, and Jewish (klezmer) traditional music to Slovenian and international audiences, Saša Tabaković, a resident member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble, continues to enhance his music collaboration with celebrated musicians Janez Dovč, Boštjan Gombač, Goran Krmac, Vasilij Centrih and Robert Pikl. The music project will combine the cultural traditions of the Pannonian lowland peoples, touching on songs from Prekmurje, Medjimurje, Slavonia, southern Hungary (Bačka) and Vojvodina (Serbia) in original languages or in dialects, albeit with an urban ethno-jazz touch.

These cultural spaces remain relatively unfamiliar, although Slovenia is part of them. That is the reason why the musicians wish to bring them home to listeners who are keen on preserving musical heritage, well-known to our grandparents.