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A literary journey with Beletrina

Presenting Wool and Body, a new book by Svetlana Slapšak

Svetlana Slapšak (1948) is a critic, scientist, anthropologist and doctor of classical studies. She is an award-winning author of numerous works in the fields of anthropology, linguistics, classical studies, gender studies, Balkan studies and comparative literature studies. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the 1000 Peace Women Movement. Her latest book, Wool and Body is a summary of the history and anthropology of wool, from the first phenomena of processed wool to the post-industrial era and modern cultures. Illuminating the importance of wool and weaving, Slapšak interprets many incomprehensible rituals and provides us with insights into the techniques of gender definition, sexuality and fertility in general, and ultimately reconstructs ideas about the coexistence of man and nature, especially animals. The historical perspective draws attention to the scope and perspectives of meanings, and to the role of technology and altered social relations in their transformation, while expounding the processes of creation of rivers, myths, beliefs – that is, the totality of narrative products of a certain imagery – in other words, the myth of wool.

Cordially invited to the Small Stage foyer on Wednesday, 27 November at 17.00 to hear Svetlana Slapšak in conversation with Katja Šifkovič. Free tickets for the event are available at the Drama box office. Book early to avoid disappointment.