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Social and Sociable

Post-show talk with the creators of My Husband

And the stories in My Husband are exactly that. A woman is caught in the moments of intimacy that no one sees, because they are not worth mentioning. The moment when a woman warms up the soup or puts on her tights. The moment she agrees to compromise, calculates, settles for a bad relationship, when she is not beautiful, when she is »not for the public eye«. Bužarovska does not fall into the trap of making women victims of men or society. Her women are active co-participants in relationships. Their thoughts, decisions, and actions (and non-actions) give legitimacy to the existence of family and social patterns. And that is precisely why they are also feminist. And engaged. And beautiful and emotional.

As a follow-up to the streaming of My Husband on Monday, 8 March at 20.00 you are cordially invited to a live streamed interactive post-show talk with the creators of the production and the cast. Please send us questions you would like to ask the creators of the performance at the following e-mail address:, or as a private message on the Facebook and Instagram profile of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. You can directly participate in the talk on the Zoom link or watch the public streaming live on the Facebook profile and YouTube channel of SNT Drama Ljubljana. The talk will be hosted by Ana Duša. Attendance at the online event is free.