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Social and Sociable

Post-show talk with creators of The Scorpion

The lack of empathy and fanaticism engendered by fear is a state of mind for which appearance is more important than truth. It results in a broken family, unrealistic expectations and constant disappointments. Narrow-mindedness refuses to acknowledge a different view of the world, a dissimilar confrontation with one’s trials and tribulations. It believes only in its own right; it knows nothing but selfishness, it is not interested in others. In its scary vortex, The Scorpion exposes the rock bottom callousness of contemporary society.

You are cordially invited to a live streamed interactive post-show talk on Saturday, 8 May after the live streaming of the performance starting at 20.00 on the Small Stage. Please send us questions you would like to ask the creators of the performance at the following e-mail address:, or as a private message on the Facebook and Instagram profile of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. Attendance at the online event is free.