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Post-show talk with creators of Merlin or the Waste Land

We invite you to a post-show talk on the staging of Tankred Dorst’s Merlin or the Waste Land, directed by Aleksandar Popovski. Merlin or the Waste Land (1981) is an unusual theatre piece by any standards, resembling an epic rather than a play. It is a mixture of different literary genres in which dramatic scenes alternate with prose passages, monologue narratives, letters and poems, not only in German but also in English, Provencal and Celtic. Given that Tankred Dorst wrote the play between 1978 and 1980, it could be regarded as an exemplary model of postmodern writing. Its motifs are drawn from medieval legends, myths and various versions of these myths, while its references of many other authors include extensive quotes, some of which are incorporated in the text. Its signature mixing of different genres brings together raw comedy, fairy tale, romance and troubadour poetry as well as farce, drama and tragedy.

Darja Dominkuš, dramaturg of the staging will host the talk on the making of Merlin or the Waste Land with its cast members.

Join us on Tuesday, 10 January at 22.30 (after the show) on the Main Stage. Admission free.