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Drama Reads

Poetry by Janez Menart

In February we resume poetry readings at the Drama Café. Two afternoons will be dedicated to Janez Menart, one of the most loved and widely-read Slovenian poets. Reading Menart’s poetry is like a fresh breath of air for everyone who loves a visceral truth, »just as it is« and in-your-face. Menart, never easily complacent with the illusion of colourful verbal cascades, supposedly hailed as high-brow art, shrouded in the haze of the unspoken, put great effort in making his readers content. He exposed the object of his poetic treatment uninhibitedly and with no reservations, refusing to experiment with the pouring of incomprehensible parables, and remained always painfully precise, dauntlessly honest, abrasively simple. Reading his poems, we sometimes laugh out loud and sometimes end up dead serious in the face of miraculous Being. Invariably though, we are brought to a place in which accepting life and human transience becomes much more bearable.

Join us at the Drama Café on Monday, 18 February, and Wednesday, 20 February at 17.00 to hear the members of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble reading selected poems by Janez Menart. Free tickets are available at the box office. Book early to avoid disappointment.