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On Goldoni’s The Lovers

Join us at a round table discussion on Goldoni’s The Lovers, a comedy that is much more than an entertaining adventure of a young couple, troubled by amorous hypersensitivity and fear of being ridiculed, which constantly obstructs their journey to a blissful union. It is a proper vivisection of highly neurotic interpersonal relationships, afflicted by indispensable, as well as dispensable, concerns. The discussion, co-organized by Konzorcij Bookstore will bring together Darja Dominkuš, SNT Drama Ljubljana in-house dramaturg, Paolo Magelli, director of the forthcoming production, Željka Udovičić Pleština, dramaturg, and translators Jaka Fišer and Srečko Fišer, as well as The Lovers’ cast.

Thursday, 8 September, at 17.00 in Konzorcij Bookstore, 1st floor. Admission free.