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Drama Acoustics

Nordic Silent Yearning

A concert conducted by Mate Bekavac is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Sibelius’ birth

Mate Bekavac is recognised as one of the great clarinetists of his generation, despite of his “commercial shyness”. Wherever he appears, he’s hailed among collegues and critics as the “secret favourite,” a full-blooded musician and a virtuoso who risks and isn’t spoiled by current fashion tendencies of music industry. A devoted, silent seeker with a special, subtly nuanced sound beyond bright or dark, French or German clarinet stereotype tendencies (he is perhaps the only one who ever gained perfection in both systems), always in favor of musical expression and sincere transmission of written or hidden musical texts. His repertoire ranges from baroque adaptations, classical, romantic and contemporary clarinet repertoire, as well as jazz and klezmer influenced pieces. He gained his wide international acclaim by his single time performance of his own arrangement of the Carmen Fantasy, which is documented on YouTube.

You will listen to the music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius which is strongly connected to theatre and nature.