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Henrik Ibsen

Nora or A Doll’s House



Mateja Koležnik

Opening night

7 January 2016

130 minutes inc. interval

Klagenfurt City Theatre

Translator Angelika Grundlach
Director Mateja Koležnik
Set Designer Raimund Voigt
Costume Designer Axel Aust
Composer Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Dramaturg Sylvia Brandl
Choreographer Magdalena Reiter


Raphaela Möst
Till Firit
Karin Lischka
Sebastian Edtbauer
Michael Schönborn

She is his »bird«, he is her newly promoted bank manager. Nora and Torvald Helmer have three children and consider themselves to be a happy couple. A true fragility of their relationship, however, gets exposed after a gradual uncovering of a blunder from their past. There were times when the couple lacked money, and Torvald was ill. Nora stealthily forged her father’s signature to save her husband from financial ruin. Krogstadt, a notary, whom Torvald intends to dismiss from the bank, is in the know about the fraud and puts strong pressure on Nora. When Torvald learns about it, the family idyll begins to crumble and a beautiful doll’s house collapses like a house of cards.

At its inception in 1880, Nora prompted a heated international debate. Its ending, in which Nora leaves her husband and children, aroused a controversy. A Doll’s House paved Ibsen’s way to international fame. It remains a showpiece of women’s emancipation, in particular in terms of one’s desire to live independently. Ibsen, a true master of analytical drama, portrayed a complex structure of a relationship and dissected its foundations, and created one of the most intriguing female characters of European drama, Nora.

Director Mateja Koležnik has directed with great acclaim in Slovene and German theatres, most recently in Munich Residenztheater. Nora is her first staging at the Klagenfurt City Theatre.

Slovene surtitles