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Drama Acoustics


After a twenty-year presence, in times when it seems that every music genre has been discovered, a leading Slovenian heavy metal band took on an acoustic challenge and released its sixth studio album in December 2016. Transnatura undermines narrow genre categories, inquires and connects diversity in creativity, strengthening Noctiferia position on the Slovenian and international music scene.

Transnatura is Noctiferia’s latest unplugged venture, made as a response to the radio presenter Jure Longyka’s invitation to appear in the Unplugged series of Val 202 radio channel. About a year ago Noctiferia got down to business and rearranged a number of tracks from their last three albums to present them in gypsy, swing, ethno, Balkan covers … They asked several guest musicians to feature on the album – a brass section (Jaka Birsa and Gašper Selko), a string quartet (Simbolični orkester), vocalists (Irena Tomažin and Sara Jeremič) … The album, produced by Janez Križaj, was released late last year by Nika Records label. Transnatura takes you on a unique, genre-diverse and atmospheric music trip. The project definitely smells of vinyl – a double Transnatura LP is expected to be released on the very day of the concert, on 26 March.

Noctiferia’s grand concert in Drama marks the 20th anniversary of the band whose members include Gianni Poposki, Igor Nardin, Uroš Lipovec, Mathias Gergeta, Roman Fileš and Damjan Tomoski.