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Oliver Frljić

Opening night

13 January 2017

60 minutes, no interval

SNT Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

Director Oliver Frljić
Translator Marko Marinčič
Dramaturg Goran Injac
Set Designer Igor Pauška
Costume Designer Sandra Dekanić
Language Consultant Janez Bostič
Stage Music Selection Oliver Frljić
Lighting Designer Vesna Kolarec

Medea Nataša Matjašec Rošker
Jason Branko Jordan
Creon Peter Boštjančič
Aegeus Davor Herga
Nurse Maša Žilavec
Tutor Ivica Knez
Messenger Matija Stipanič
Medea’s Children Mojca Simonič, Viktor Meglič

Medea by Euripides is centred on a woman who commits heinous crimes of love in order to inaugurate, and later on to obliterate Jason, her husband and father of her children. The staging by Oliver Frljić is a reinterpretation of an ancient tragedy, underlining the position of women in contemporary society, as well as overt and covert discrimination based on gender. A wide range of intimate, social and political relations is a prism, mirroring Medea’s multi-layered character; and, last but not least, her potential to establish a different social order and carry out her threats.

»Medea, being a reinterpretation of a classical text, and almost totally lacking his clear and discernible signature of devotion to topical political and social issues, is perhaps the most radical of Frljić’s productions. Admittedly, it shares a sense of disaster and despair of his other projects, but it also highlights a critical and ironic distance and a sense of reserve not only to Medea’s subject matter, but also to the mission of theatre and art in general.«
Peter Rak, Delo