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Drama Acoustics

Marko Hatlak & FUNtango

Marko Hatlak & FUNtango is an explosive tango band, distinguished by its passionate and emotional renditions. The totality of the interweaving sounds of a diverse band line-up is laid bare to the listeners by way of presenting outstanding and highly-strung renditions, evoking passion, tenderness, blue tunes and deep affection.

Marko Hatlak established the band in 2004 following the example of the Ástor Piazzolla group. By doing so, he managed to pave the way for performing tango music in Slovenia. In 2008, the album History was released, a tribute to Ástor Piazzolla, the great Argentine composer and bandoneon player who enhanced the traditional tango music with jazz and classical elements, and created a new genre in itself, i.e., tango nuevo or a new tango. Piazzolla’s music has been upgraded by the Marko Hatlak & FUNtango band with new arrangements of compositions by assorted authors of classic, jazz, tango and vocal compositions – The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, a musette by the French master Richard Galliano, and the original compositions by Hatlak. In 2017, an original album, Present, was recorded at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Marko Hatlak, accordion and vocals
Dejan Gregorič, violin
Jan Sever, piano
Andrej Pekarovič, guitar
Jošt Lampret, double bass