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Drama Acoustics

Katja Šulc

The guest of October’s Drama Acoustics is singer Katja Šulc. She will present her first and her most recent projects. Mila – Poetry by Mila Kačič Set to Music was released eleven years ago and touched deeply many a listener. My Palm, You’re Gone, Realization, I’d Know You Among Thousands. To pay tribute and express gratitude to Mila Kačič who was born in October herself, Šulc will perform on the stage, much loved by Mila. The concert will be presented in an unplugged version, rendered by the voice and the double bass, laid bare in their sincerity, grace, passion and cordiality which could have been put into words by Mila only.

How I desire you, green
Not just Lorca
Me too
And you
And we all

Mila Kačič

Mila Kačič loved Lorca. Just as we all love him, »me and you and we all«. Lorca, You and Me is a project dedicated to Romani poetics. Katja Šulc created it in collaboration with Urška Centa, a flamenco dancer, and jazz musician Robert Jukič joining them on double bass. The project, interweaving poetry, dance and Romani music of Spain, Eastern Europe and the Balkans features Romani poetry from Katja’s album Kamlisajlan, as well as poets of Andalusia and traditional Romani songs. It is a contemporary take on Romani tradition, presenting it in a modern form, encapsulating the charm and mysteriousness of the Romani world, its primeval originality, fatefulness, duende. It is inspired by the poet who considered »Gypsy as the highest, the most profound and most aristocratic of my country«.

Katja Šulc, vocal
Robert Jukič, double bass, bass guitar
Urška Centa, dance, palmas, vocal

Katja Šulc is a singer and songwriter who intertwines poetry and music. Her debut album Mila (Sanje, 2008) was met with great popular and critical acclaim. Šulc and her guest musicians set to music love poetry by a Slovenian woman poet and actor Mila Kačič. The project was followed by a theatre version, You Find Me in Everything (Senzorium, SNT Drama Ljubljana), combining Mila’s poetry and its renditions by three grand ladies of Slovenian theatre, Ivanka Mežan, Štefka Drolc and Iva Zupančič.
Šulc has collaborated on several project involving musical take on poetry by distinguished authors, such as Dane Zajc, Gregor Strniša, Srečko Kosovel, Ježek, Rumi. She performed also at the Festival of Slovenian Chanson and won the first prize with On My Way Home by Nino de Gleria in 2011. Her acclaimed second album Twisted Delight (Celinka, 2013) was co-produced by Pier (RootsInSession) and was nominated for the MTV European Music Award. Katja Šulc is an eclectic singer, moving between different music genres, ranging from poetry, contemporary chanson, jazz and folk to experimental and electronic music. In recent years she has often performed in Slovenia and internationally (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, China, Mexico, Guatemala). Her third album Kamlisajlan (Casete Mexico, 2016) is a tribute to contemporary Romani poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe: it was made in Mexico and combines original Romani poetics, its melodic tunes and hypnotic, repetitive folk and world music rhythm patterns.