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In Conversation with poet Tone Rode

The month of November when outdoor life calms down seems to be a perfect time for poetry. This is why we have invited poet Tone Rode to present his new collection of poetry. Rode will be in conversation with Mitja Čander. The poems will be read by actress Barbara Žefran.

Tone Rode was born to Slovenian parents in Buenos Aires in 1969. He started writing and publishing at a very young age to much critical acclaim. Following his first publications in a monthly for Slovenian youth in Argentina entitled Mladinska vez (Youth Bond), he was only 22 when his debut collection Zenice (Pupils of the Eye) appeared in 1991 as “the 145th volume of the Slovenska kulturna akcija (Slovenian Culture Action)” series. The collection included his unconventional abstract illustrations. According to a literary critic France Pibernik, the publication of Zenice clearly marked “the emergence of the third generation of writers in Slovenian diaspora in Argentina”. Since 1991 two Rode has published two additional collections of poetry. Rode, who is now a mature man poet in his late 40s, has written a new collection of poems entitled Prareka (Prehistoric River) published by the Ljubljana based Beletrina Academic Press. In his new poems he remains an expressive poet of reflection, a little bit more subdued when it comes to playing with words, but nonetheless committed to precision and clarity of vision. A move from Buenos Aires to Gmajnica near Komenda has definitely enriched and expanded his field of vision and subject matter.

Join us on Monday, 23 November, at 17.00 to meet the poet in conversation with Mateja Komel Snoj in Drama Café. The event will be organized by Beletrina and SNT Drama. Tickets (2€) are available at the box office. There is no admission fee for Drama Club members.