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Social and Sociable

How to say NO

Lecture by Vesna Vuk Godina, PhD

Exploitation, harassment, improper education, lack of etiquette, verbal insults, emotional blackmailing …

When, why and in how we one finally say NO? How much are we willing to put up with before we stand up for ourselves? How to deal with the feeling of guilt when we finally say ENOUGH!? Often people are surprised to notice that we have changed and may even start blaming us for the change in our behaviour. They may be stunned to realize we are no longer servile, patient and all too polite, and have started considering our needs first, and chosen to draw a line, put a stop to firmly say NO. Hear Vesna Vuk Godina, PhD exploring this topic.

Cordially invited to the Small Stage venue on Tuesday, 17 March at 18.00. Tickets (€ 5) for the lecture are available at the Drama box office, concessions for OAPs and students (€ 3). No admission fee for Hamlet Club members.