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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Fear Eats the Soul

Romantic cabaret comedy with fairy-tale elements

Opening night

14 April 2017


130 minutes

National Theatre Brno, The Czech Republic


Director Jan Frič
Translator Martin Sládeček
Adaptation Petr KlariN Klár, Jan Frič
Dramaturgs Martin Kubran, Petr KlariN Klár
Set designer Jan Štěpánek
Costume designer Jan Štěpánek
Music selection DJ´s Gruppe ZuZU und KlariN
Lighting designer Martin Špetlík
Video designers Jan Vrbka, Martin Špetlík

Ivana Hloužková
Roman Blumaier
Michaela Rykrová
Isabela Smečková Bencová
Petr Bláha
Jan Grundman
Dominik Teleky
Monika Maláčová
Gabriela Štefanová

Emmi is lonely in her old age. Salem is from Morocco and nearly a generation younger than she. Is Salem a white-tailed young deer?
This Czech stage adaption of the original screenplay by the legendary film maker Rainer Werner Fassbinder is presented as a cabaret romance with some fairy-tale elements. It tells a story of a romantic encounter of two diametrically opposing worlds in a tenderly brutal way. The ironically detached direction by Jan Frič, supported by a ground-breaking and imaginative set design by Jan Štěpánek, and dance routines of an Arabian dance group performing to German pop hits, have turned the Czech take on the film into a story of an elderly Cinderella. It is a love story in which the lovers must face the obstacles set by their envious community, their own doubts, but also a love that can move mountains.
The production won the Josef Balvín Award presented by the Prague German Language Theatre Festival for the best Czech production of a German text.

Slovenian and German surtitles

Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt.