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Drama Acoustics

Damir Imamović solo

Old Arab translators used a word »sewda« when they needed to translate the old Greek word »melancholia«. Today »sevdah« means simply – love. But, sevdah is also a genre of music and poetry that came together through meetings of the East and the West in the Balkans. A place where it blossomed the most is today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina where Radio Sarajevo became the legendary media which succeeded in bringing together traditions of Slavic ballads, travelling ottoman ashiks (singer/songwriters), European 19th century Romanticism and modern orchestration. Damir Imamović’s sevdah is a new step in the development of the tradition of sevdah. Born in 1978 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Damir is a grandson of the legendary sevdah master Zaim Imamović, and the son of Nedžad Imamović, bass player, author, producer and singer.

»Damir Imamović’s reinterpretation of sevdah music writes out a new chapter of its history. Apart from his breaking new ground while remaining faithful to the tradition, with his new repertoire Imamović proves himself an exceptional storyteller!«