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Drama Acoustics

Damir Avdić

In February, Damir Avdić and his bold and brazen social critique will resonate musically on the Left Stage. Without restrain or inhibition Avdić’s lyrics reflect a current socio-political state of affairs. Strolling down the musician’s creative output may evoke Yugonostalgia in a listener. However, in recent years, in particular on his latest album Amerika, the author expanded his critique beyond the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Damir Avdić, born in Tuzla in 1964, is a versatile and remarkable multi-talented author. His diverse body of work is a mix of prose, poetry and music. He is the author of four novels, The Bridge over Blood (Na krvi ćuprija, 2005), Enter Džehenem (2009), Ticket for Revolution (Tiket za revoluciju, 2012) and I Don’t Want to Win (Ne želim da pobijedim, 2014), and a book of poetry Where to, Sister (Kuda sestro). His first album, Of Thorns and Stings (Od trnja i žaoka) was released in 2004 to be followed by The Dead are Dead (Mrtvi su mrtvi, 2008.), Life is a Paradise (Život je raj, 2010.), Mein Kapital (2012), Human Reich and Minority (Manjina, 2013), and Amerika, as well as a novel Rodeo, in 2017.

Last year, Avdić, a multi-awarded stage and film music composer, received a Vesna award at the 20th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož for his original score for Ivan and The Basics of Killing, and the 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival Award for his stage music in Antigone produced by the SNT Drama Ljubljana.

No stranger to our Main Stage, Damir Avdić will present his energetic performance on Sunday, 11 February at 19.00.