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Karl Marx


Royal Theatre Zetski dom, Cetinje, Montenegro

Opening night

7 November 2018


90 minutes

Director András Urbán
Dramaturg Vedrana Božinović
Composer Irena Popović Dragović
Costume designer Lina Leković
Project assistants Jelena Odalović, Minja Novaković

Jelena Laban
Jelena Šestović
Pavle Prelević
Stevan Vuković

Milivoje Pićurić, keyboards
Jovan Bjelica, guitar
Blažo Tatar, brums
Vedran Zeković, bass guitar

Nowadays, everything has become a commodity; everything we create, everything we produce, all is for sale. And not only what we create, everything is being cut up in pieces, and so is the soul of man too. But is capitalism really our only option? Young Montenegrin actors, directed by András Urbán, embarked on a study of Marx’s Capital, a cult critique of political economy, which they interpreted based on their own experience of the world. The process of presenting the musically augmented production was marked not only by a detailed inquiry of Marx’s key concepts, but also by a committed approach to the current socio-political situation in Montenegro and in other ex-Yugoslav countries as well as in Europe at large. The production highlights several fundamental questions: Who are we? Will there ever be an end of trade? What is the cost of time? Are we free? How do we love our homeland? The production encourages people to reflect and confront their fears, attitudes and decisions, since only mindful, open and brave individuals can be free.

Slovenian and English surtitles


Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt.