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Drama Acoustics

Bossa de Novo feat. guest musicians

Bossa de Novo – Primož Vitez (voice), Aljoša Kosor (guitar), Marko Gregorič (bass, voice), Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar (percussion) and Sergej Randjelović (percussion, voice) ̶ will present an assortment of songs featuring on their four previously released albums. The band performs a polyglot repertoire of songs in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Bosnian and Slovenian, and, most recently, in English to boot. The sound quality of these languages is accumulated in rhythmic, harmonic and melodic structures, such as those that trace their origin in a rich tradition of Brazilian popular and jazz music. Bossa de Novo is constantly engaged in a creative interplay between words and music: it is not always necessary for the lyrics to be readily accessible to the listener, since the fusion of verbal sounds and continuous sounds of music can be an aesthetic experience in itself. Experiencing a musical piece is different when a listener understands the lyrics, which is why the concert in Drama will rely on language contrasts. Additionally, the group will touch upon its translation efforts, and perform a song, juxtaposing the original lyrics with a translation into Slovenian.

Bossa de Novo will also present a few original songs, composed by Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar and Marko Gregorič.

During the concert at Drama, Bossa de Novo will introduce several guest musicians, selected among male and female singers, one of whom will be acting as an instrumental soloist. The exact names are to be discovered in due course by the concert audience.