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Drama Acoustics

Boris Cavazza quintet

Each track is a step, leaving its idiosyncratic and unique trail. The lyrics express the best part of Boris Cavazza. As a loving, romantic, spiritual, joyful, critical, socially engaged, seeking, and nostalgic, wise and didactic individual. It opens a door, informing us about the world that surrounds us and the feelings it inspires. Its lyrical subject sings about one’s desire to become a tree and a bird, a wind and a stone … And this is who Cavazza is. He closes the door on a warm Mediterranean island, illuminated by the moon and the stars. At the concert, Cavazza will perform not only his own pieces, but a selection of Neapolitan and Sicilian songs. Singing in his charming voice, he tells us that being protected by poetry is nothing but an illusion.

Cavazza and his quartet, featuring acclaimed personalities of Slovenian and international music scene ̶ Igor Leonardi, Cavazza’s co-author and guitarist, Žiga Golob, double bass player, Enos Kugler, drummer, and Primož Fleischman, saxophonist ̶ invite you to join them on a musical journey, consisting of compositions touched by swing, jazz, blues, pop and ballads with an emphasis on Mediterranean vibe and poetics.