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Book presentation of Utopias – Still, An Anthology on Utopias in the 21st Century

On Tuesday, 18 October at 17.00 at the Drama Café we will examine utopia in its diversity as a literary genre as well as a political manifesto by way of spectacle. If utopia by nature is believed to be non-temporal and non-spatial, it is possible to confine it by culture and assign it a certain real space and time ̶ for example, the arts or even the theatre, which is a utopian community in terms of it content and concept as well as its form and appearance. Featured speakers will address a relationship between the constancy of unease and discontent and its dynamic/dialectical representation by means of artistic expression. Utopia is a drama of hope, longing, striving for a goal; it is a backing when we open up to the allegedly impossible ̶ even in the age of European scepticism. It tells us more about the (not yet) existent than about the symbolic coordinates of the existent. This is why utopia cannot be an escape from the existent, but consideration with perfect timing. Studio Humanitatis will host: Mladen Dolar, Lev Kreft and Miklavž Komelj. Discussion will be moderated by Nina Jerman.

Tickets (2€) for the event are available at the Drama Box Office. No admission fee for members of Drama Club, Teen Club and Hamlet Club. Book early to avoid disappointment.