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Miguel de Cervantes, Matija Solce

Being don Quichotte

Guest performance by Teatro Matita
Two-men one-puppet show
For adults

Actors: Matija Solce, Tines Špik

Production: KD Matita & MCLU, November 2019
Directed by: Matija Solce, Vida Cerkvenik Bren
Puppet: Mitja Ritmanič
Dramaturgy: Miha Razdrih

Don Quichotte is not dead (yet)!
In an autobiographical tragicomedy, set on an inventive interpretation of the Don Quichotte archetype, the actors struggle with an understanding of madness and normality, art and society, puppeteers and puppets, idealism and reality. Fragments of Cervantes’ novel in the story are showed in the form of parallel socially critical questions that touch the viewer and subtly transform him into the role of a knight from the Manche. There is no lack of conflicts, romance and surprising complications in the dramatic and rhythmic performance, which escalate into an existential question of the (non) meaning of art.
A performance for two actors, one puppet table and a bunch of unusual objects upgrades the motifs of Cervantes’ novel, the visual poetics of Švankmajer and some facts from everyday puppet life, performance Being Don Quichotte confronts the past and present, the individual and society, items.
It received awards for the best performance and dramaturgy at the Biennial of Puppet Creators of Slovenia 2021.