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The process of creating the first Slovenian production of The Scorpion, a play by Véronique Olmi, directed by Nina Šorak, will be completed with a live streaming of the show. Saša Pavček, Bojan Emeršič, Iva Babić and Saša Tabaković star in a performance that very openly addresses topical issues of non-acceptance of otherness and strongly corresponds to our social reality. The play by the versatile French author and artist was translated by Primož Vitez, the dramaturg of the production is Rok Andres, the set designer is Branko Hojnik, the costume designer is Tina Pavlović, the composer is Laren Polič Zdravič, the author of the video is Vesna Krebs, the lighting designer is Mojca Sarjaš, and the language consultant is Klasja Kovačič. The premiere will be live streamed on Friday, 7 May, and a rerun on Saturday, 8 May at 20.00 on The host of the premiere night will be Sabina Kogovšek, a member of the Drama resident ensemble. A recording of the production will be live streamed on Tuesday, 25 May at 20.00. 

Following a live streamed performance on Saturday, 8 May, you are kindly invited to a post-show online talk with the creators of the performance on the Zoom platform, streamed on the official YouTube and Facebook pages of the Drama Ljubljana. You can send your questions for the creators of the production in advance to the following address: