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SNT Drama Ljubljana is pleased to announce the first Slovenian production of The Effect, a play by a socially committed contemporary British playwright Lucy Prebble, directed by Eva Nina Lampič. The premiere will be live streamed on Wednesday, 10 February at 20.00 from the Small Stage. The upcoming production is the second Small Stage production in the 2020/21 season, entitled Floatation. Lucy Prebble puts man at the very centre of interest, as underlined by her note in the playscript saying The Effect is »a play for four people, in love and sorrow«. In an extremely insightful way, The Effect explores the desires, fears and distress of four protagonists – two volunteers in a clinical trial and two doctors. The cast of the first Slovenian production of the play includes Polona Juh, Rok Vihar, Eva Jesenovec and Klemen Janežič. The play was translated by Tina Mahkota, the dramaturg of the production is Eva Kraševec, the set designer is Jasna Vastl, the costume designer is Gordana Bobojević, the composer is Aleš Zorec, the author of the videos is Dani Modrej, the language consultant is Klasja Kovačič and the lighting designer is Vlado Glavan.

Live streaming of the rerun of The Effect will follow the next evening, on Thursday, 11 February at 20.00. You can watch the live streaming done by four high-resolution cameras at E-tickets, which cost 13 EUR for the premiere and 11 EUR for the rerun, can be purchased at