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What is a good comedy like?

Closing event of the Banana Peel Studies

When something is labelled funny, we are instantly faced with an interesting duality. To say that something is funny may have positive connotations, but on the other hand it may indicate a derogatory attitude towards the subject. It is within this duality that we will try to explore and broaden our reflection on the notion of comical to include issues, such as what makes a good comedy, the status of comedy in Slovenian theatre, a comical perspective and its ability to function in the arts. The talk is a wrap-up of the Drama Laboratory project called Banana Peel Studies, developed by Nik Škrlec in the current season. Discussing the notions of comical and comedy in contemporary theatre, Nik will be joined by Polona Juh, Gregor Moder and Vito Taufer. They will try to answer many questions and possibly raise new ones. Reflection on comedy is needed in Slovenia, as it is still in its infancy. Cordially invited to join us in our intriguing discovery of what makes a good comedy.

Sunday, 26 May at 17.00 in the Drama Café. Free entry. The event will be streamed live.