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Authorial projects by Juš Zidar,
Tin Grabnar and Žiga Divjak

Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman is a title combining three different projects of the youngest generation of directors, who are just finishing their studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana.

Opening nights

About the Coach, Servant, Songs and Events
7 November
Left Stage

14 November
Left Stage

Just before the Revolution: Youth
21 November
Left Stage

About the Coach, Servant, Songs and Events

The play based on the motives of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 6, is an attempt to articulate the musically and emotionally rich material on stage. It opens up a new grotesque image in which an individual is presented with the only solid remaining piece of identity − their taxpayer identification number. Modern nonsense of existence or the world of the living dead in which we perhaps live in today?

Director Juš A. Zidar
Dramaturg Anja Krušnik Cirnski
Set designers Tine Tribušon, Nika van Berkel
Costume designer Mateja Fajt
Composer Alenka Mrakovčić
Sound designer Laren Polič Zdravič
Light designer David Orešič
Cat trainer Mia Zahariaš
Cat owner Mirka Nečak

First Gregor Prah
Second Filip Samobor
Third Anita Gregorec
Last Antonio Franić

Musicians (on the recording): Matija Udovič (violin), Mojca Jerman (violin), Simona Skvarča (viola), Domen Hrastnik (cello)

Duration: 55 minutes


I would like to. I want to. I have to. I will. I will succeed. Who does not want to become successful? Who does not want to be successful? This performance will be the one, the best one. We simply need to succeed, we are expected to. But why? The entire performance is created on stage, from the initial idea up to the final product with the creative process unfolding before our eyes. Four actors and their director attempt to break through their own expectations, social pressures and personal encounters. In doing so, they are driven by an internal power, commanding them to Direcror Tin Grabnar

Dramaturginja Eva Jagodic
Set designer Adriana Furlan
Costume designer Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Light designer David Orešič

Iztok Drabik Jug
Eva Jesenovec
Klara Kastelec
Tines Špik

Duration: 60 minutes

Just before the Revolution: Youth

“Those who find more joy in the past than the future are old.” (John Knittel)

Just before the Revolution: Youth is an original project that explores the moment of a generation becoming independent. We grew up in a world of ecological disasters, social devastation, in a world of capital dictatorship, in a world of fear, in a world which seems to have no future. What are the means of coming to terms with reality and what is the path of the new generation?

Director Žiga Divjak
Dramaturgs Katarina Morano, Mateja Fajt
Set designer Tina Mohorović
Costume designer Mateja Fajt
Author of video Anže Sekel
Composer Beno Gec
Light designer David Orešič

Miranda Trnjanin
Sara Gorše
Filip Samobor
Žan Perko
Gregor Prah
Matic Lukšič

Mentors: Assoc. Prof. Mag. Sebastijan Horvat, Professor Kristijan Muck (drama and theatre directing), doc. mag. Jasna Vastl (set design), Assoc. prof. Janja Korun, asst. mag. Tina Kolenik (costume design)

Duration: 70 minutes