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Drama Acoustics

Vlado Kreslin in concert with his father Milan Kreslin

Vlado Kreslin will appear in a minimalist intimate edition – performing only with his father Milan Kreslin. The concert entitled Pojezije (Sung Poetry) will combine Kreslin’s music and poetry: the music he has been composing and performing since his early days when he was a member of Martin Krpan band, as well as his native, Prekmurje-rooted folk music that he revived with the legendary Beltinška banda (The Beltinci Band). The concert line-up will be underscored by his renditions of poems and stories from his collections Pojezije and Wreaths – the story of Beltinška banda.

Vlado Kreslin, a native of Beltinci, started his music career as a drummer in the local Apollo group in 1970. In 1980 he won the prestigious Slovenian Music Festival Award with his song The Day of Endless Dreams. Shortly after that he joined the Martin Krpan band. They had the honour to open for Bob Dylan during his concert at the Ljubljana Stadium. In the late 1980s Kreslin started hanging out with senior musicians – the Beltinška banda. He began to draw on his roots and caused a true reawakening of interest in ethnic music and its perception in Slovenia. At the same time he worked with various other musicians, especially with Miro Tomassini. It was with Beltinška banda and with Mali bogovi (Little Gods, the band that emerged in the early 1990s) that Kreslin began to combine in his live appearances as well as in sound recordings the music of the past and the present, the local and the global. He continues to do so. He often collaborates with young Slovenian musicians as well as with acclaimed foreign acts (Allan Taylor, The Walkabouts, Rade Šerbedžija, Parni valjak, Siddharta, Hans Theessink, Vlatko Stefanovski, Chris Eckman, Damir Imamović, The Dubliners, Antonella Ruggiero, Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra, Ferus Mustafov …). Kreslin successfully bridges musical and national boundaries, and breaks taboos. Many of his songs have become almost folk-like; some of them inspired novels, feature films and even graduation theses.