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A literary journey with Beletrina

Three Deaths, a presentation of a new novel by Gabriela Babnik

We extend our invitation to a literary event celebrating the publication of the latest book by Gabriela Babnik, a novel entitled Three Deaths. The novel has a three-part structure and is related to Marie N’Diaye’s book Three Strong Women. In the first part, we hear the voice of an African woman, Mame, whose brother, after their mother’s death, returns from Europe. The second part tells the story of Ida, whose father, a former foreign correspondent from Africa and the Middle East, committed suicide in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The third part, which is entwined with the other two narratives, is a fictional biography of Mariam Sankara, the widow of Thomas Sankara whose body was thrown into a dump more than thirty years ago. The stories address diverse types of migration, i.e. one’s return from Europe to Africa.

Join us at the Drama Café on Wednesday, 19 June at 19.00, and hear the poet Tjaša Koprivec in conversation with Gabriela Babnik, the author of the novel.