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Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis


Opening night

28 March 2012


70 minutes

Croatian National Theatre in Split

Dramatised and directed by Ivan Plazibat
Set designer Ozren Bakotić
Costume designer Petra Dančević
Composer Gordan Tudor
Stage movement designer Maja Marjančić
Lighting designer Miroslav Mamić
Sound designer Željko Mravak

Nikša Arčanin
Nikola Ivošević
Tajana Jovanović
Andrea Mladinić
Nenad Srdelić
Vicko Bilandžić

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” These words, which have become one of the most famous quotes in world literature, open the renowned narrative of Franz Kafka, a writer in the German language, otherwise a Jewish inhabitant of Prague and undoubtedly one of the most unfathomable writers of the 20th century. Due to a deep need to understand one of his masterpieces, which The Metamorphosis undoubtedly is, a key issues is raised, namely that of the status of an individual who gives in to some kind of a seemingly illogical mechanism, while his life goes on like an ugly and terrible nightmare. Kafka’s world, undoubtedly strongly connected to the world of fairy tales, is set in the modern bourgeois society, ideal for observing the distortions that result from relationships lacking warmth, closeness, spirit, and love.