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Drama Acoustics

Severa Gjurin and the band

Severa Gjurin, an independent music and graphic artist, a part of Severa Gjurin & Dejan Lapanja duet, also known for her collaborations with Gal Gjurin and Cantabile orchestra, will perform on the Main stage in the middle of recording her new record. Severa is currently performing with a quartet consisting of the following members: Dejan Lapanja on guitar, Žiga Golob on contrabass and Gašper Peršl on drums. The acoustic band first played together in 2012, and has since then been performing with a versatile repertoire, featuring new songs such as Mlini in vetrovi, Sej vame, Muzika za babice and Kakor da se nič ni zgodilo, and in their own unique way interpreting elements of Severa’s music history. With her new single Ali je še kaj prostora tam na jugu, Severa promises a fresh and gentle concert, offering the visitors a cross-section of her past and present work.