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Drama Acoustics

Robert Jukič, Women

Robert Jukič is presenting his double album Women featuring 13 female vocalists from Slovenia and Croatia. The album has been released by ZKP RTV Slovenia in October. This is a comprehensive and ambitious musical project with thirteen songs, connecting folk music frames from different cultures in its own original style and approaching topics such as love, relationships, loss and hope. Jukič’s tenth album is a tribute to a woman, her strength, dedication, perseverance. Women are rarely given a word to speak although they speak about their everyday life. The stories are told by convincing interpreters who are aware of the importance of lyrics in vocal-instrumental forms of music. Stories need a voice and a face, someone who breathes life into them. Women are alive and are interpreted by Jadranka Juras, Mia Žnidarič, Nina Strnad, Nina Vodopivec, Tamara Obrovac, Anika Horvat, Maya, Tjaša Fabjančič, Gordana Hleb, Katja Šulc, Aphra Tesla, Astrid Kuljanić and Ana Bezjak. At the concert in Drama there will be seven female soloists interpreting the stories: Ana Bezjak, Katja Šulc, Gordana Hleb, Mia Žnidarič, Nina Strnad, Nina Vodopivec in Tjaša Fabjančič.

Robert Jukič is a bassist, composer, songwriter and producer. He is one of the most versatile and prolific Slovenian artists. From a teenager playing in various bands and exploring different music genres with his electric bass guitar, he has transformed into a double bass player, he studied jazz at the University in Graz and has performed with various artists. Jukič has performed on many stages of the world (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Hungary, Morocco, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Great Britain, USA …), and he collaborated with various Slovenian and foreign artists.

The list of performers and bands he collaborates with, as an instrumentalist and composer, is endless and knows no national or musical boundaries. Jukič has been featured in more than 60 albums either as a bassist, composer or arranger. All the musical influences are reflected on his albums. So far, nine have been released and he has confronted various forms of music – from jazz to classical music, folk, blues, country, alternative pop, chanson and other music forms from all over the world. Jukič composes for small and large ensembles, short films and multi-media shows as well as dance performances. He also works with theatres and he teaches. In 2008 he received the Jazzon Composition Award.