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A literary journey with Beletrina

Presentation of the novel No-Signal Area by Robert Perišić

Late last year, No-Signal Area a novel by the Croatian author Robert Perišić was published in Slovenian translation by Beletrina. A god-forsaken and forgotten place called N., is stirred by the arrival of two people, believed to spark hope. We get to know everyone: factory workers and the financial elite, waitresses and female managers, locals and foreigners. Perišić skilfully intertwines local and global stories, the current and the past ones, as the novel is set in extremely diverse places, stretching from Siberia to Zagreb. Robert Perišić (1969), a big name of the Croatian literary and journalistic scene, is a witty and charming narrator who constantly impresses the reader with titillating ideas and witticisms while ensnaring us with his twisted narrative strands that are untied only in the final chapter.

Join us at the literary evening on Wednesday, 20 March at 18.00 at the Drama Café to hear the author Robert Perišić and the translator Urban Vovk in conversation with Mitja Čander, managing director of Beletrina Academic Press.
Free tickets are available at the box office. Book early to avoid disappointment.