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Social and Sociable

Presentation of the collection of poems by Cvetka Lipuš Kaj smo, ko smo (What we are, when we are)

Poet Cvetka Lipuš’s (1966) poetry has been translated into many foreign languages, published in Slovenian, German and American magazines and anthologies. She has published six collections of poems and was nominated for the Veronika Award, a Slovenian literary award for best collection of poems, in 2008. As evident by the title of her collection of poems, the poet at no point consents to self-evidence, on the contrary, she is aware of every single word, every meaning and each vowel. Tanja Petrič will talk to the poet in the Drama Café.

You are welcome to join us on Wednesday, 22 April, at 18.00 in the Drama Café. Tickets are available at the Drama box office.