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Drama Reads

Poetry by Gregor Strniša and Mila Kačič

Join us at an open-air event to hear poems by Mila Kačič and Gregor Strniša. Gregor Strniša (1930–1987), a poet, playwright, essayist, songwriter, is considered one of the most prominent Slovenian authors. In terms of their form, his poems are rigorous quadruplets with assonance, arranged in cycles, thematically ranging from an anxious vision of everyday life to a totally unique metaphorically shaped universe, powered by images from ancient myths, medieval stories, fairy tales, fine arts… Mila Kačič (1912–2000), an outstanding stage and film actress and a subtle chronicler of thought and emotion, fulfilled her long life as an actress, a mother and a poet. Her poems are sensitive as well as rebellious responses to the trials and tribulations of life, lively and witty in form and content as they record the tragic as well as blissful twists of her personal fate. Due to of its liveliness and poignancy her poetry remains popular and widely read.

Cordially invited to hear a poetic dialogue of two different, but not dissimilar artists on Monday, 22 June at 20.00 at the Drama Forecourt. Selected poems will be read by Silva Čušin, Maja Končar, Petra Govc, Zvone Hribar, Gregor Baković and Valter Dragan. Admission free. In case of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled.