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Drama Reads

Poetry by Dane Zajc and Neža Maurer

In December, the Drama Ljubljana continues with a well-liked series of poetry evenings and will present poetry by Neža Maurer and Dane Zajc. Neža Maurer (born in 1930) is a female poet, fiction author, journalist, editor, translator; a subtle, sensitive and prolific author of poems for children that »enchant one in one’s childhood, so one never forgets them after growing up«, and poems for adult readers that »open up a field of desire, doubt, (bitter) sweetness and a lively, joyful thirst for life«. She is a poet who firmly believes that it is never too late to love … Dane Zajc (1929 –2005), was a poet and playwright, a poet of rhythm and rapture, a poet of visions, divinations and ecstasy, professing existential anxiety and subconscious horrors that can be overcome merely and only by poetry. An innovator in style, as well as an innovator on the subject of love in poetry. Is love a redemptive or a destructive force?

Cordially invited to the Drama Café on Monday, 2 December and on Wednesday, 4 December at 17.00 to hear selected poems by Neža Maurer and Dane Zajc read by Veronika Drolc, Zvone Hribar, Maša Derganc and Gregor Baković. Free tickets are available at the Drama box office. Book early to avoid disappointment.