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Social and Sociable

On Tarzan, modern jungle and ecology

In addition to the most fundamental archetype of a male-female relationship, Tarzan, a comedy, tackles subjects one rarely comes across in theatre. The play deals with ecology, the exploitation of people and natural resources, and with the opportunities and the urgency to raise our awareness to embark on a gradual change of individual and collective patterns.

A man and a woman in the middle of a modern jungle, as well as ecology, will be discussed by dramaturg Simona Hamer in conversation with dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, a climatologist and member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Andrej Gnezda, who fights a battle against »the shameless section of the corporate world«, and Urška Zgojznik, an ecologist without borders.

Join us on Wednesday, 13 March at 18.00 at our Small Stage venue. The talk will be followed by Tarzan and a post-show talk with cast members. Tickets for the talk (2€) are available at the box office. Free admission for Drama Club members and Tarzan ticket holders for the night.