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Drama Acoustics

Muri the Cat and Macy the Pussycat

Neca Falk, a performer of outstanding quality, and Jerko Novak, a guitarist and composer, will appear on the Main Stage of the Ljubljana Drama.

Their music project, Muri the Cat and Macy the Pussycat, based on poems by Kajetan Kovič ranks as one of the perennial highlights of Slovenian music production aimed at children and adults alike. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the first release of a project which has since then been sold in 113,000 copies of music cassettes and CDs, making it four-time platinum. It has been an indispensable soundtrack of growing up for many generations of Slovenian children. Initially, it is listened to by 2 to 10-year olds, who keep coming back to it, first as adolescents and later on when they become parents themselves.

This is why the music, originally conceived by a guitarist and composer Jerko Novak and his colleagues, as a rock project, has become a true Bible of rock. It provides the first contact of children with music, while being appreciated by adults as well, even grannies and grandpas. Perhaps, it is the power of Kovič’s poetry that makes these parables of »feline world« so vivid in their spinning stories of human everyday life. Naturally, all these qualities are presented by the excellent interpretation by Neca Falk, who breathed life into a pack of illustrious cats ̶ fat and thin, hardworking and crooked, nerdy and self-indulgent.