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Social and Sociable

Love Choices

Lecture by Professor Renata Salecl, PhD

A consumer society. Narcissistic culture. The abundance of choice. Alleged freedom. Debilitating anxiety. Feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. The extinction of the old rules. A feeling of being lost. The craving for an ideal. Love? Business. Market value. The fear of decision-making a decision? The fear of loss. The feeling of shame.

The solitary act of decision-making as well as the forms and consequences of choice will be discussed by a philosopher and sociologist Professor Renata Salecl, PhD.

Cordially invited to the Small Stage on Thursday, 14 November at 18.00. Tickets (€ 5) for the lecture are available at the Drama box office, concessions (€ 3) for OAPs, university and secondary school students. No admission fee for Hamlet and Teen Club members.