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Drama Acoustics

Janez Bončina Benč

Jani Moder – guitar
Blaž Jurjevčič – keyboards
Jan Gregorka – bass
Žiga Kožar – drums

Janez Bončina, a pioneer of Slovenian and ex-Yugoslav rock, who has been active on the music scene for more than four decades at home and abroad, has worked with various musicians and bands, and authored many songs that have in the meantime become true standards of the genre. He will them present at a concert on the Drama Main Stage accompanied by superb musicians.

At the Bar was Benč’s first studio album to be followed by On Your Feet!, Graffiti and Old Wine. His album Not Keen on Working openly flirts with soul and r&b, while the album Janezz Benč, made with young musicians, clearly addresses the lovers of Slovenian and European jazz-rock music, while the album Salt, Pepper and Dreams Benč skillfully combines and intertwines the covers of Benč’s hits of the past. The eponymous song won the jury’s award at the Slovenian festival Melodies of the Sea and the Sun. Benč is also the recipient of the Yugoslav popular music award and a Golden Note award.