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Drama Acoustics

Iztok Mlakar

Iztok Mlakar is a Slovenian singer-songwriter and actor. As an actor he is employed at the Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica. He has written numerous songs for the theatre, however, he is mostly known as an author and singer of his songs in a chanson style. In 1993 he received the Ježek Prize. Iztok Mlakar is probably one of the most recognizable Slovenian singer-songwriters in the last decade.

Mlakar is known to general Slovenian public primarily as the author of imaginative and sometimes witty chansons. He sings about eternal themes such as love, death and passing, as well as the joys of life (wine, good home cooking), and about the everyman’s fight for justice. In his songs we recognize many elements of the Yugoslav socialist regime of the late 80s, presented humorously, but insightfully. Mlakar sings most of his songs in Littoral, more exactly Gorizia dialect, and some in Cerkno dialect. Texts in dialects give his songs a special homely charm, however they still reflect the general Slovenian national character. Iztok Mlakar sings of a simple Slovenian man, defying the World Wars, aspirations of big nations and other accidents. When in a pub, drinking wine, Mlakar’s soul opens and brings out the deepest thoughts and life truths.

Public performances by Iztok Mlakar usually take place in front of small audience, thus his concerts, will take place on the Small Stage of Drama.