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Drama Acoustics

Dan D

Dan D from Novo mesto is a band of many faces, and all of them are true. Although ranking as one of the most high-profile Slovenian rock group with successive hits such as Voda (Water), Čas (Time), Ko hodiš nad oblaki (Walking Above the Clouds), Plešeš (You’re Dancing), they can transform into unplugged traditional musicians and create a quiet, intimate evening with their vegetable grater, bottles, tamboura, bell play and a DIY bass. Or else, they can become daring conquerors of fathomless depths of thought and vast musical landscapes exposing themselves to their very DNA code.

At Drama they will pull out unusual musical instruments from their suitcases to perform a Silent Concert and invite you to join them on one of their most successful and inspiring musical journeys, possibly with a fresh extra touch.

Tomislav Jovanović – Tokac, Marko Turk, Boštjan Grubar, Nikola Sekulović and Dušan Obradinovič – Obra will create an unforgettable Sunday night not to be missed.