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Milan Ramšak Marković
Inspired by Cement, a play by Heiner Müller

Cement Belgrade



Sebastijan Horvat

Opening night

12 April 2021


140 minutes

Director Sebastijan Horvat
Dramaturg Milan Ramšak Marković
Set and video designer Igor Vasiljev
Costume designer Belinda Radulović
Composer Drago Ivanuša
Choreographer Ana Dubljević
Lighting designer Aleksandar Čavlek
Assistant to the director Iva Olujić
Language consultant Ljiljana Mrkić Popović, Ph.D.
Organiser Bojana Mišić Drnda
Stage manager and prompter Jovana Matić
Assistant to the organiser Dijana Lauš

Sonja Milena Zupančič
Miloš Miodrag Miki Krstović
Bojana Stojković
Emir Ćatović/Milan Zarić
Ivan Zablaanski
Isidora Simijonović
Marija Pikić
Nedim Nezirović


Following his stagings of Cement at the Zagreb Youth Theatre and the SNT Drama Ljubljana, director Sebastijan Horvat finished off the theatre trilogy conceived by him and Milan Ramšak Marković, based on Heiner Müller’s famous play, with a production at the Belgrade Drama Theatre.

Müller’s Cement is a play of many transformations: beginning with the very period of revolution in which the text is set, they evolve into many a struggle between the emancipatory aspirations of its characters and their intrenchment in the traditional family relationships in which they have grown up, including the love affair of the main characters, Dasha and Gleb Chumalov. There, the impact of social circumstances breaks through to the most intimate level. The Belgrade production of Cement, inspired by a play by the great East German playwright, is based on an original play by Horvat’s permanent collaborator, Milan Ramšak Marković. It is set in the present-day Belgrade. The relationship between trauma and memory, the political dementia in which we are slowly losing ourselves, as well as the conflict that is inscribed in our bodies, are some of the motifs in the Belgrade-based final act of a dialogue with Heiner Müller.

The production won the »Mira Trailović« Grand Prix as the best production of the 54th BITEF Festival. Miodrag Krstović won the »Raša Plaović« Award for acting in all Belgrade theatres in the 2020/21 season.


Guest performance by the Belgrade Drama Theatre


On schedule