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Drama Acoustics

Bossa de Novo, Poems

Traditionally, Bossa de Novo will perform at the Drama Acoustics concert series at the end of the calendar year, in the festive season between Christmas and New Year. Primož Vitez (vocal, percussion), Aljoša Kosor (classical guitar), Marko Gregorič (bass, vocal), Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar (percussion, electric guitar) and Sergej Randjelović RunJoe (percussion, vocal) will present an updated, amended and carefully selected repertoire inspired by poetry. At a time when one’s attention is easily diminishing and the joy of listening attentively to language, art and subtle messages on the beauty of the world is on the wane, Bossa de Novo will dedicate the concert to the source of language and the firstborn daughter of music which is poetry. Slovenian and world poetry is full of music. Poetry is not, as we are in the habit of shallow thinking, printed lines in tiny booklets that are of interest to a decreasing number of people. Poetry is something that accompanies one ̶ whether one likes it or not ̶ every day and every hour of the day. People do talk from morning till evening, and are dependent on the music of speech. Many have been involved in this kind of music as artists, some have dedicated their lives to it. Such people are poets. Poets are beautiful and powerful creatures with brilliant linguistic armours and with a fragile, soft and distinctive interior. Their poetry inspires musicians, which is hardly surprising since musicians are their brothers in sound, rhythm and composition.

The Poetry concert line-up will include compositions with lyrics written by the following great poets: Gregor Strniša, Milan Jesih, William Shakespeare, Chico Buarque, Milan Kleč, Kajetan Kovič, Tone Pavček, Caetano Veloso, Niko Grafenauer, Svetlana Makarovič, Ewan MacColl, Vlado Dijak, Marko Brecelj and Srečko Kosovel. To join them, Bossa de Novo will contribute some od their translations into Slovenian.