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Literary Journeys with Beletrina

And Darwin’s Hand Trembles with Milan Dekleva

Milan Dekleva is a poet, fiction and essay author, translator, and also a musician. A recipient of the most prestigious Slovenian national awards, Dekleva has recently published a new collection of poetry entitled And Darwin’s Hand Trembles (Beletrina). There is a small beetle lurking in every single poem of the collection. Not coincidentally, since these seemingly inconspicuous creatures, representing no less than a quarter of all described species, symbolize concealment and smallness, as well as a fascinating diversity and adaptability. The beetles are an epitome for the paradox of what it means to be alive. Virtually, they are vulnerability itself, concealed under a hard, shiny shield of evolutionary indestructibility. In his poems the author addresses this very contradiction: how is it possible in this day and age, lacking any foundations and constantly questioning one’s vulnerability and helplessness, to carry on about the beauty of the world? This and other topics will be discussed by the poet, who will perform also as a pianist, in conversation with Tina Kozin, a poet, critic and editor. Dekleva’s poems will be delivered by Brane Grubar, a retired member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble.

Tickets (2€) for the event on Monday, 21 November at 18.00 at the Drama Café are available at the Drama Box Office. No admission fee for members of Drama Club, Teen Club and Hamlet Club. Book early to avoid disappointment.