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Dear Dušan, thank you for being our SUN. The radiance of your STAR remains eternal. You are sorely missed.

Director and playwright Dušan Jovanović made history as one of the most prolific and acclaimed contemporary Slovenian theatre makers. His numerous stagings significantly co-created the identity of contemporary Slovenian and Yugoslav theatre. Many of his stunning productions are still considered cult; at the time of their creation, they moved the boundaries of theatrical expression and originally responded to the innovative neo-avant-garde movements of world theatre. He was among the co-founders of several experimental theatres. As an author, he often created new movements, especially so-called ludism at the beginning of his playwriting career. In his mature period, he broke many taboos of our recent past in his historical and political plays; his intimate plays remain subtle studies of human nature, which keeps surprising us and taking unusual turns in various private and social situations.

Humour and irony, frequent mixing of genres, passionate dialogues, plausible eloquence in comedic and tragic tenors alike were the hallmarks of Jovanović’s spirited and idiosyncratic creative devotion. His truly remarkable body of works for stage and screen includes over thirty stage plays, television plays, television series screenplays and numerous stage adaptations of important works of world literature. He was professor of directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, Television, University of Ljubljana. He received numerous national and international awards for his work, including the Prešeren Award, the Prešeren Fund Award, and several Borštnik and Grum Awards.