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The opening act of the 2020/21 season, subtitled Flotation, will be presented in our Small Stage venue by the world premiere of A New Race, a satirical play by the author and director Matjaž Zupančič. It was his aim to offer a satirical slant on Nazism and »to present a quilting point of the idea of pure race and the notion of degenerate art«. The cast of the play includes Bojan Emeršič, Jurij Zrnec, Saša Tabaković, Barbara Cerar and Gregor Baković. Zupančič wrote the roles especially for them. The dramaturg of the world premiere and the editor of the theatre programme is Darja Dominkuš, the set designer is Janja Korun, the costume designer is Bjanka Adžić Ursulov, the choreographer is Sinja Ožbolt, the sound designer is Vanja Novak, the lighting designer is Andrej Hajdinjak, the language consultant is Jože Faganel, assistant to the director (student) is Bor Ravbar, assistant to the dramaturg (student)is Zala Norčič. A New Race will open on Friday, 25 September and on Saturday, 26 September at 20.00. The first reruns will follow on 28, 29 and 30 September, and on 1, 2 and 3 at October 20.00.

Zupančič’s latest play and staging present a satirical slant on the story of two aspiring painters, Adolf Hitler and Viktor Karlstein. They try to enrol at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna but fail in their attempt. Much later, in 1944, both are in Berlin. In the meantime, Hitler (Gregor Baković) has become the Führer, and Karlstein (Bojan Emeršič) has become a scientist who constructs two new monstrous beings, a man and a woman, for the needs of the Wehrmacht. Markus (Saša Tabaković) and Heidi (Barbara Cerar) are to be the victorious weapon at a time when the Nazis are losing on all fronts, at the same time they are Viktor’s work of art. The first condition for the success of this experiment is that the parts of the bodies that make up the new creatures are of Aryan origin, which turns out to be a problem, because in 1944 there is no more pure »Aryan material« to be found in abundance Berlin, and so a fatal mistake occurs …