Almanac 1867-2017

Theatre Programme SNT Drama Ljubljana
Season 2018/19, June 2019

An essential and comprehensive publication about the Drama and the history of Slovenian theatre, outlining the period of 150 years in which the oldest and principal Slovenian drama theatre presented 2,222 premieres.

The book with stunning blue covers, aptly entitled 1867–2017, began to take shape on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Ljubljana Dramatic Society, since the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana is its most direct successor. The Society’s programme and aspirations signalled many ground-breaking guidelines for the onset of the professionalization of theatre in the wider Slovenian area. The publication of the 828-page beautifully designed book was made possible by the Ministry of Culture. Symbolically, it is printed on paper made in Slovenia. According to Mojca Kranjc, in-house dramaturg and editor of this major publication, »there was an increasing need, in terms of contents, to produce a publication compiling essential data and information about circumstances, events and personalities that had a strong impact on the development of the Drama, its social role, image and occasionally also survival. Namely, it was as early as in 1957 that Linhart’s Tradition, a predecessor to the current volume was published, marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Anton Tomaž Linhart.«

The overview of ten periods in the history of the principal and oldest Slovenian drama theatre is accompanied by two indispensable supplements: a contextual chronology by the historian Miha Pohar, and the editor’s selection of the most striking photographs. It is a genuine journey through time, presenting a remarkable body of theatre creativity comprising 2,222 productions over the last 150 years. »It is a comprehensive survey showing the development of acting expressivity and performance visuals.«


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