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Valentine Day’s Concert by Manouche

Manouche is a five-member band established by Robert Pikl and Marco Grabber in the spring of 2011. The group has three other permanent members: Petra Trobec (vocals, accordion), Krešimir Tomec (bass, synth) and Luka Ipavec (trumpet, backing vocals). In the summer of 2011, Manouche announced their arrival on the Slovenian music scene with their first single Where Are You, Baby?. It was met with popular and critical acclaim by Slovenian listeners and radio stations editors. Their second single, Shall We Keep Going?, was successful likewise. By the summer of 2012, Manouche released their third single, A True Romance, followed by Superfajn later in the year, as well as, Men Si Fensi, To the Stars and Back, Sale feat. Klemen Klemen and I’ll Be There Tonight. At the end of 2014, they released their second album, Come Close to Me, with Alenka Godec as guest singer on the title track.

Men si fensi has recently been released on the world famous compilation The Electro Swing Revolution Vol. 6, making Manouche the first Slovenian band to feature in the series’ line-up that includes Caro Emerald, Parov Stelar and Tape Five, among other artists.

Manouche will play a special Valentine’s Day Concert to live up to their reputation of one of the hottest bands in Slovenia and to show why they continuously excite the audience’s anticipation of their new songs. Their light hearted lyrics, bold guitar solos and piercing trumpet sounds, spiced with energizing and inventive dance rhythms, will appeal to the fans of 1930s and 1950s music.